The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) is a team-based clay target shooting program that is changing the lives of grade, middle and high school students nation-wide and in Iowa.  Through organized clay target shooting, student-athletes are learning lifelong skills such as firearms safety, teamwork, respect for self and others, mental focus and self-discipline.  The Iowa SCTP Board of Directors (BODs) assist to facilitate Scholastic Shooting Sports programs in Iowa.  The BOD plans and funds the annual Iowa Shooting Sports Coaches meeting, state events for the various shooting sports disciplines, communicates with national and state partners, clinicians and instructors to enhance the experience and education of shooting sports.

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Tina Elwood Gehrke


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Chris Brindley


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Larry Gay


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Mark Little

BOD - American Skeet

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Patrick (PC) Cory 

BOD - Collegiate

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Guy Thomas

BOD - Board Member – International Skeet and President (at large)

Mark Little

BOD - American Skeet


Tina Elwood Gehrke is a longtime advocate of the outdoors and shooting sports.  Tina is passionate and active in shooting sports as a certified trapshooting coach and is a marksmanship instructor.  Tina volunteers her time as a leader of the Ely American Legion Sharp Shooter program, was instrumental in starting a trapshooting team at Kirkwood Community College.  Tina has assisted over a dozen Eastern Iowa schools start SCTP programs in their schools.  
Tina enjoys hunting and fishing and introducting the outdoors to others.


Larry Gay has been a long time advocate of youth shooting sports.
Larry is currently co-head coach of the Oskaloosa Shooting team, a school-based team shooting trap, skeet, sporting clays and international/bunker trap.
Larry has been a solid supporter of youth expansion as president of his Izaak Walton League chapter and has been a driving force behind the international skeet expansion in Iowa.


Chris Brindley is the Head coach of the Des Moines Clay Crushers. Chris has experience in managing this Club Based team and coaching multiple disciplines and he himself shoots Trap, Skeet, international Skeet, and Sporting Clays.
Chris takes pride in teaching young kids, first timers the technique of shooting the clay target game. He has been a Waterfowl hunter since the age of 8 and enjoy the shooting sports program. Chris’ favorite discipline is Skeet. He has spent much time as an NSSA instructor and enjoys the opportunity to mentor and teach young adults the skills involved in successful shooting sports.


Mark Little is a current board member of the Iowa Scholastic Clay Target Program, Inc. Mark currently serves as an assistant coach to the Oskaloosa Shooting Team, a school based team in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Mark has a great passion for the shooting sports, specializing in Skeet, Sporting Clays and Trap and has a deep desire to help the youth participate and compete to the best of their ability. He takes pride in teaching the youth about the shooting sports, all while teaching them the importance of gun safety, responsibility, and ownership. Mark is also an avid hunter and loves to share his knowledge of the outdoors with others. He also is currently serving on the Mahaska County Izaak Walton League Board in which he has been affiliated with for the past several years.


PC is a History and Social Sciences teacher at Kennedy HS in Cedar Rapids, and is the Head Coach of the Coe Clay Target Team since its inception in 2019.
Prior to coaching at Coe, he was the head coach of Kennedy Trap Club from 2007 to 2019.
His passion is teaching and coaching youth to help them learn and grow academically, socially, and athletically.
He believes athletic opportunities in shooting sports are a tremendous venue for helping adolescents and young adults to learn responsibility, self-discipline, and the skills of applying intent and dedication.


Guy Thomas is president of the Iowa Scholastic Clay Target Program, Inc.  Guy is a passionate international-style skeet shooter and has a tremendous amount of experience in the Olympic-style clay target sports.  Through his competition experience, he has had opportunities to work and shoot with many members of US National and Olympic clay target teams.  Guy is coach of the Des Moines Area Clay Crushers SCTP Program and is a NRA/USA Shooting Certified Coach.


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